How to access the website

Why is kraken7jmgt7yhhe2c4iyilthnhcugfylcztsdhh7otrr6jgdw667pqd.onion so popular

What to do if you can’t log into

How to avoid falling for scammers on the site the main darknet site for today

It is important to remember that Kraken 2krn is just one of many online resources, and therefore, like other sites, it requires maintenance. However, such work is carried out quite rarely and takes little time. Basically, the reason lies in completely different factors. Which ones we’ll talk about today.

Why does the website crash

Most often, the Kraken resource is blocked for other reasons. Created not so long ago, Kraken has become very popular in the short period of its existence, attracting not only regular customers, but also causing envy and opposition from competing retail outlets and the Russian intelligence services. They regularly try to damage the site by carrying out DDoS attacks on it. As a result, the Kraken, which can be visited at kraken6gf6o4rxewycqwjgfchzgxyfeoj5xafqbfm4vgvyaig2vmxvyd.onion, sometimes goes down temporarily, but is soon restored. So that clients can continue to use the resource even when it is blocked, the kraken developers created a mirror system.